WOSU Radio programs

Our lab has a long-standing partnership with WOSU Radio. Both Don Borror, founder and director of the lab and his then graduate student Richard D Alexander gave radio programs about their research.

Don Borror recording with parabola

Listen to these Sunday afternoon programs (30 min each) broadcasted in spring of 1959:

May 3, Learning bird songs

May 10, Making birdsong recordings

May 17, A bird walk

May 24, A(nother) bird walk

May 31, Types of songs and calls and their significance to birds

The Songs of Insects LP cover

Don Borror also talked about his research subjects, The amazing insects, on May 18, 1955 (30 min).

Compare this to Richard D Alexander's program on Insect sounds (30 min). Richard D Alexander is Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Curator of Insects at the Museum of Zoology of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor; at the time of the radio program, he was a PhD student of Don Borror. Dr. Alexander graduated from OSU in 1956.