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The Borror laboratory's collection of recorded animal sounds began in 1948 as the research tool of Dr. Donald J. Borror, professor of entomology at The Ohio State University, and his students. It is one of the oldest and most extensive in the world, exceeded in size in the United States only by the Macaulay Library at Cornell University’s Laboratory of Ornithology, and in taxonomic diversity by the Cornell collection and the sound collection of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Funded by NSF (1997-2001) 22,050 recordings in the database were digitized.


Donald Borror made over 14,000 recordings of animal sounds from 1948 through the 1980s. The medium that was available then was, of course, analog tape.

Book shelves with open reel tapesIn a project funded by the NSF, the BLB copied Borror’s entire collection of recorded sounds from 1/4" analog tape to recordable compact discs (CDR). Multiple considerations prompted this decision. First, we needed to preserve the collection. Many of the recordings were approaching 50 years of age, which is about the limit for analog magnetic tape.



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